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Investing for life events
New Investors

It is never too early to start investing. The most important step is to make a start and to have long-term goals in mind.

During various stages of your life, as significant events occur and your needs and aspirations change, there is a place for establishing a sound investment base for the future whatever your goals are.

In this brochure, we have identified a range of Life Stages that may be important to you. We have also considered how an investment in AFIC may assist you in meeting your investment objectives at these different stages of life.

Download the AFIC Life Stages Brochure

What you’ll find inside:

  1. Your Financial Journey - Investment Life Stages
  2. AFIC's Potential Role in these Life Stages
  3. Portfolio and Share Price Performance per Annum to 30 June 2022
  4. How is AFIC taxed?
  5. How to invest in AFIC?
  6. AFIC Investment by Sector as at 30 June 2022
  7. Financial Services Guide
  8. Risks of Investing in AFIC
  9. Management Expense Ratio