How We Invest

AFIC focuses on long term investment in Australian companies producing growing, fully franked dividends.

We produce growing, fully franked dividend returns

AFIC focuses on investing in Australian companies with unique high quality assets, brands and/or business footprints that can withstand the business cycles. We also look for management and Board strength and for sound, disciplined financial metrics covering returns on investment, profit margins, cash flow and gearing. Our view is that such businesses will generate superior returns over the long term.

Our primary investment goals are to provide our shareholders an attractive return over the medium to long term and to pay dividends which over time grow faster than the rate of inflation.

  • Bruce Teele, Chairman, AFIC
  • Mark Freeman, Chief Investment Officer
  • Geoffrey Driver, General Manager Business Development and Investor Relations
Brief Synopsis

Overview of AFIC features

BT: Our overriding investment philosophy is really long term. Value focused.

MF: We look for financially strong companies and we want companies that can withstand the cycles.

BT: Well managed good companies, well positioned in their industry.

MF: Whether that be a brand, a franchise, something unique. We tend to talk about a company with a high quality business foot print.

GD: AFIC’s portfolio management really seeks to provide two elements of return, one capital growth over long term but also to provide a steady stream of fully frank dividends that grow over time.

BT: In the process we want to achieve that with security and with a proper level of diversity.


MF: We take a long term view of our investments. We are a true investor.

BT: We’re not short term people, we’re not essentially traders, we look for really first class companies; well managed ones with good opportunities. And we buy them, and tend to hold them.

BT: We do a lot of research. We receive a lot of material. An investment portfolio needs to be monitored all of the time, and that’s what we do.